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How are Meneed melamine product made and why is Meneed melamine is best?

Melamine is typically a sort of plastic material that cannot be melted and reshaped subsequent it is becoming molded once. It is this unique trait which produces melamine much more high-priced and much more desirable for upscale plastic housewares.

Meneed's melamine products are manufactured utilizing labor intensive methods which increase their characteristics. First, our melamine material, which starts in a powdered form, is weighed by hand. Then it is inserted in to a compression mold where it stays for approximately 2 minutes. When it is removed, all of the flash (extra material) should be filed off. The flash is waste, but an intended end result of overfilling the mold to possess the ability to always obtain a perfect part. Then, each product is hand-polished utilizing a unique compound which offers our product its clean, shiny, and smooth appearance.

Unfortunately, all melamine is not made equally. Some manufacturers use injection molding which requires a lesser grade of melamine that generally exhibits flow marks. Automatic pelletizing saves time and money, but does not permit uniform hardening of each piece, thus generating it much more brittle and apt to break.

All components we use are already authorized over the FDA for food safety. This signifies that it is completely safe to take advantage of with food. This does not mean that it is food. by no signifies consume your melamine!

Meneed is becoming generating the greatest quality melamine products for over 10 years. We take our time generating each product and really feel the additional effort is properly worth it. Our products' genuine designs, elegant shapes, completely clean lines, heavy weight, durability and shine have pleased our shoppers year after year. at any time you purchaseMeneed, you can possibly be certain that you are receiving the best!