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What is urea?and it is histroy?

Urea fertilizer, often known as carbamide, is one of the most considerable nitrogenous fertilizer. Urea is a white crystalline organic substance compound containing about 46 % nitrogen. Synthetic urea is produced commercially from ammonia and carbon dioxide. Urea is broadly used in the agriculture industry both as a fertilizer and animal feed additive, which tends to make the production of urea considerably high in comparison to other fertilizers. In the United States alone, roughly one million pounds of urea is produced each and every year. Manufacture Process
Urea was first discovered by a French scientist, named Hillaire Rouelle in 1773. But, synthetic urea was started to produce in 1828, about 55 years after its discovery. Currently, urea is manufactured industrially by the dehydration of ammonium carbamate in a process involving elevated temperature and pressure. Normally, a high pressure reactor is used within which all these reactions are carried out.